Thursday, September 27, 2007

Solar in the Sunshine

It looks like Florida is slated to build one of the largest solar thermal power plants in the world. Governor Charile Crist announced the plans alongside Florida Power and Light officials and this familiar face:

Solar in the Sunshine State
Photo Credit AP

Is it just me, or do you hear the faint sounds of Republicans screaming in the distance?

From the St. Pete Times:

"Producing solar energy in the Sunshine State just makes sense," Crist told the crowd at at the Clinton Global Initiative, which draws world leaders, celebrities and scholars for three days of panel discussions and smaller working sessions on global issues and asks them to take concrete steps on those causes.

Crist thanked FPL and Clinton, one of the best-known Democrats in the nation, "for making the world better and helping my state. God bless you."

Thank-you Governor.