Thursday, September 27, 2007

Netroots Calendar

I'm playing around with a free calendar from Bravenet. I've used Bravenet's web tools in the past (as in years ago) on a website I was running at the time. Back then the tools were useful, but they clearly didn't have a good revenue model because they kept adding more and more annoying ads to their free services, presumably in hopes people would pay to upgrade. However, the upgraded services were overpriced, so I (and many others) eventually moved on to one of their competitors.

Awhile ago I noticed that Build Florida's DEC's was using Bravenet for its mailing list, so while researching online calendar software for my Dad's website I decided to give Bravenet another look. So far, I'm impressed, although I reserve final judgement until I've had more time to play around with their tools.

However, if your short on cash or lack the expertise to create these tools yourself (or just lazy like me) and you think you could use a calendar, mailing list, chat room, photo album, email forms, etc. on your blog or website - its worth checking them out.

As for the calendar - there are a couple of events today:

Tallahassee - Meet Sean Shaw
Elect SEAN SHAW For State House Representative District 8 Monica Evans, Sha'Ron James, Emory Mayfield & Bennie Shaw request your presence at a meet and greet for Sean Michael Shaw Democrat, for House District 8.

5:30-8:30 The Mary Brogan Museum 350 South Duval Street (corner of Pensacola & Duval)

Miami - Meet Michael Calderin
Michael Calderin invites you to join him at Hooligan's Pub near Dadeland, as we start our campaign to change Tallahasse. There'll be food, fun and many other activities throughout the night! Come join us and meet the next Representative, who will bring real leadership and real solutions to our capitol. Price: $25 pp, $40 a couple Student Price: $10 pp, $15 a couple Buy ticket in advance at or pay at the door.

7:30 - 9:30 PM at Hooligan's Bar 9555 South Dixie Highway Miami, FL


Michael Calderin said...

Last year, we used Google Calendar to great success. You can make the calendar public, which means other people can search for your events, plus we were able to take the RSS feed and display it right on our website, any way we wanted.

Jennifer said...

Good advice Michael! I singled out Bravenet for the wide variety of free web tools that they offer, but Google is a great resource - they have mailing lists, calendar, document sharing and photo sharing. Not to mention that they run Blogger.