Monday, September 24, 2007

Council on Efficient Government?

Is the name of this organization intended to be ironic?

The Council on Efficient Government's mission is to review, evaluate and provide advice on agency outsourcing and best practices, as well as to codify lessons learned to improve government accountability. It is the Council’s goal to define the process for reviewing business cases and implement standard processes for outsourcing initiatives.

Sounds more like it wants to improve the efficiency of the privitization process, rather than make government itself more efficient.

Anyone interested in Jeb!'s legacy of privatization should take a look at their report:

2007 CEG Annual Report

With incomplete data, the report identifies "289 projects currently being outsourced, with a lifetime value of over 5.5 billion dollars."

Now the rationale for privatization is that the private sector can do things better and cheaper than state government. Interestingly, in very few cases was a cost-benefit analysis completed to determine if privatization actually would be better and cheaper.

Also see Bill Cotterell's piece in the Tallahassee Democrat: Number show it's hard to rate privatization

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Vrej Esphanian said...

Funny you should bring it up, because the Office of Efficient Government is slated to be cut:

Jennifer said...

Gee, the Republicans want to cut the entity that, at least in theory, serves as a watch on privitization efforts. Jeb!'s legacy of outsourcing is partially to blame for the budget mess in the first place, but has lead to lots on money in campaign contributions.