Monday, September 24, 2007

Florida Roundup

The latest news and bits about Florida:

Florida Primary

Larry Thorson of Miami Dade Dems reports Florida Democrats: Yes, please vote in Jan. 29 Primary

kansasr writes FL Dems Blow Off The Party

Limelite writes Florida Dems Defy DNC

In Other News

doorguy at FLA Politics writes Marco Rubio: Wealthy Condo Owners, Landlords Need More Taxpayer Support

Rimjob at Daily Kos asks Can A Homeowners Association Suspend The 1st Amendment? about an HOA in Sarasota.

Vera Lofaro at Daily Kos writes Seniors and Investment Firms about nursing home facilities in Florida acquired by investment firms whose profit motives conflict with the goal to provide care.

ccmask at Daily Kos writes Bush cuts Florida Everglades off Heritage Site List - a U.N. list of endangered places.