Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Legisature in Session

"There is nothing that will upset a state economic condition like a legislature. It's better to have termites in your house than the legislature (in session)." Will Rogers - Radio broadcast, March 31, 1935

Our Florida Legislature will be in session for 10 days to tackle cutting the budget by $1 Billion and to address no-fault auto insurance - keep an eye on them.

Here's a sampling of the Republican proposals:

- cut $32 million from funds that help pay for health care for legal immigrants
- cut $54 million in hospital reimbursements for Medicaid patients
- cut $200 million in funds for public schools
- eliminate vacant positions, including 50 in the Florida Highway Patrol
- delay funding a $147.5 million teacher merit-pay program for a year
- increase tuition and fees for community colleges and universities

A few details about the cuts from the Proposed Special Appropriations Act:

$ amounts in Millions

Department of Education: $444.6
Healthcare Administration: $420.9
Persons with Disabilities: $11.5
Children & Familiy Services: $16.8
Elder Affairs: $17.3
Dept of Health: $2.9
Veterens Affairs: $.2
Department of Corrections: $68.8
Justice Administration: $12.7
Law Enforcement: $8
Legal Affais/Attorney General: $.5
Parole Admin: $.2
Agriculture and Community Services: $1.3
Community Affairs: $.4
Environmental Protection: $3.6
Workforce Innovation: $25.1
Business/Professional Regulation: $1
Fianancial Services: $7.6
Governor: $1.1
Highway Saftey/Motor Vehicles: $7.6
Legislative Branch: $8.7
Lottery: $1.2
Management Services: $3.4
Military Affairs: $1.3
Public Service Commission: $.1
Department of Revenue: $10.3
Department of State: $.5
State Courts: $7.7

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