Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cast Your Vote for Netroots Awards

So many great nominees and so little time! Please cast your votes for best of the Netroots by NOON on Friday!

Netroots Awards Ballot

I'm humbled and a bit embarassed to say that Florida Netroots was nominated in three categories: Best State Blog, Netroots Activist of the Year, and Netroots Organization of the Year.

There are Florida bloggers and activists who've been working at this far longer and much harder than anything done in my tiny corner of the Internet. I applaud them.

On the plus side, I may have just gotten the better of Stephen Colbert. He thinks its so clever that in running for President of the United States (in South Carolina) as both a Democrat and a Republican that he could lose twice. Well, Monsieur Colbert, I could lose THREE times. I dare you to top that!