Monday, October 29, 2007

Brief Overview of Netroots Conference

Pack a Lunch

The general session on Saturday morning didn't end until about 12:45 with the Netroots Conference set to begin at 1:00 - no time to get something to eat and our sessions run until 6:00!!!

Can You Hear Me Now?

We had a little trouble with the AV equipment at first, which made it very difficult to hear the first half or so of the Florida Progressive Radio interview with Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga of Daily Kos. One lady in the back was particularly upset about it and didn't seem to understand that we were doing the best we could until the AV guy could come and fix it.

You can listen to the whole interview at Blog Talk Radio

Assorted Dignitaries

Dan Gelber, Charlie Justice, Dave Aronberg, Karen Thurman and a representative from all stopped by to say hello.

Netroots Do Their Thing

Ken Quinnell ably moderated the entire event. Curt Johnson stepped up and saved the day numerous times in getting the equipment to work, internet access, loading our presentations --- we pretty much would have been lost without him. I formally nominate him for Netroots MVP.

There were presentations by Ken Quinnell (Florida Progressive Coalition), Gene Smith (Florida Kossacks), Me (Florida Netroots), Brian Franklin (Impact Politics), Ray Seaman (Build Florida's DEC's), Alison Morano (Pasco DEC), Michael Calderin (Candidate for State House 119), and Phil Perry (Florida Democratic Party).

Closing Keynote: Matt Stoller

Matt advises that we "pick a fight" in order to build your community and gain prominence. He used the example of his site OpenLeft joining forces with several other blogs to pressure Chris Dodd (and others) to fight giving retroactive immunity to telecoms.

Soiree and Awards

Food ... finally there's some food! I assume everyone was having a good time ... I was busy eating. As for the Awards, I don't remember the winners in every category - the Florida Progressive Coaltion will have that posted later today (I hope!), but I do want to congratulate everyone!

There were so many great bloggers and activists nominated and it was an honor just being in the same room with all of you.

Special thanks to the Progressive Democrats of America, Democracy for America, Michael Calderin, Brian Franklin and Chris Chiari, and Susan Smith for sponsoring the event.