Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You Tube Candidate: Bill Ramos

I did a quick search on You Tube to see if I could find any candidates for state office and I found one for the Florida House who recently posted some campaign videos: Bill Ramos.

Bill Ramos is running for District 81 which consists of parts of Martin and St. Lucie Counties. In the 2000 general election, according to the district's statistics, it voted George Bush 48.8%, Al Gore 48.9% and Ralph Nader 1.2%. At the time the district had 41,766 registered Republicans, 29,650 registered Democrats, and 18,031 registered Independent/Other parties.

The seat is currently occupied by Republican Gayle B. Harrell who is term limited.

Bill Ramos ran against her in 2006:

Gayle Harrell: 54.3%
Bill Ramos:     45.7%

There are currently 4 other people vying for the seat: Republicans Robert E. Bailey, Michael DiTerlizzi, Jeff Gorman and Democrat Adam Fetterman.

The Florida Department of State, Division of Elections Fundraising report:

Michael DiTerlizzi 11,588.00 Filed 09/20/2007
Adam Fetterman 46,454.01 Filed 04/10/2007
Jeff Gorman 2,172.51 Filed 09/13/2007
Bill Ramos 3,517.35 Filed 03/27/2007
Robert E. Bailey N/A Filed 10/17/2007

Here's the campaign video:

View: Ramos campaign videos

For more information, visit the Bill Ramos for State Representative website.


Michael Calderin said...


What search parameters did you use? We have a couple short videos up and if you're not finding them, we have something to fix.

Jennifer said...

I used search terms like: florida legislature, florida house, florida senate, and florida politics. I also sorted by date with the most recent videos appearing first. It's not that I didn't find yours, but that I only did a quick search to see who posted something most recently.