Thursday, November 1, 2007

Going Local

Florida Netroots focuses on whats going on at the state and local level, but admittedly there hasn't been much emphasis on local politics, so from time to time I'm going to post a "Going Local" diary featuring stories from various communities around the state.

Leon County - Local political parties target minority voters. The local Democratic and Republican parties are developing strategies to attract African-American voters.

Orange County - Qualifying begins for 3 town seats. For Windermere residents, "the seats for mayor and two of the five town-council members are up for grabs."

Seminole County - Variety spices House contest. This district 34 Florida House seat will have 4 contenders in the general election.

Dade County - Scandal shadows election strategist. "Veteran political consultant Randy Hilliard, ensnared as an FBI informant in a Florida Keys corruption probe, is back in business in Miami Beach."

Monroe County - Ted Nixon (D) is running for Monroe County Legislature. This is his latest campaign video on You Tube:

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Larry Thorson said...

The word "good" is the problem in your request for "good local news stories." But I'll keep my eyes open. Will you take "bad" stuff, too? More of that in evidence. I didn't blog about Randy Hilliard, for instance, because it was pretty big in the Herald, so I assumed most people saw it. When possible I like to expend my energy on things they might have missed.

Jennifer said...

Well, "good" as in something you think the netroots should see ... something newsworthy that's not getting enough attention. Rather than, "good" as in a positive story.