Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogging Florida Roundup

Word from the blogosphere:

Limelite on Daily Kos writes: New Blue Florida: Voters Speak & It's Rough Times for Republicans.

Gatordem at Florida Kossacks writes: Suzan Franks to Run Again for Florida State Senate in District 3.

Larry Thorson of Miami-Dade Dems writes: Good News for the blogosphere about a recent ruling by the FEC about sites like Daily Kos and what it could mean here in Florida.

Vrej at Praxis writes: PIP Session? regarding the possibility of the Florida Legislature having a special session just on personal injury insurance.

And finally, I want to highlight a series on the site Planting Liberally called Using the Internet to Strengthen Labor Unions:

Part 1 - Organizing workers, Part 2 - Attracting potential members, Part 3 - Enlisting progressive activists and Part 4 - servicing members