Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blogging Florida Roundup

Around the blogs this week:

The Florida Primary is still a hot topic with posts varying from hysteria to calls to take everything in stride: Ismay wrote: Breaking: Dems CAN'T Win Florida 2008!, davidkc wrote: Dems give up on Florida, Sunny wrote: Kiss My Chad, Howard, Gatordem wrote: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory (cross-posted at Florida Kossacks), T Rex wrote: The Reality of the Florida Primary Fight (cross-posted at Florida Progressive Coalition), Tally wrote: The Florida Primary Mess (cross-posted at FLA Politics) and Susan S wrote: Pleading our case (FL) but not what you think.

My take: Our votes will have more influence this year than previous election years, period. It is more important than ever for Democrats in the state to show up and vote. To hell with the egos in the party and the political pundits - this is still a people-powered race.

On to other things:

Florida Politics: The Annual "Labor Day" Insult

Be Think: The Sacrifice: Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Costs

On Praxis vrej writes about the proposed Budget Cuts state agencies are required to submits detailing 10% reduction in expenditures.


gatordem said...

You have got the important part of this whole primary mess exactly right. Our votes are going to count, our voices will be heard.

The rest of it is just noise. Let's concentrate on making sure people understand their votes will count, despite all the hysteria.

Betsy L. Angert said...

Dearest Jennifer . . .

I thank you for the introduction. Our willingness to sacrifice the State Children's Health Insurance Program hurts my heart. Much of what we do in America causes great pain.

The way in which we destroy the primary process, I think is awful. For me, the issue is about far more than Florida, or even Michigan. It seems in America, people have forgotten the purpose of a primary election.

Citizens no longer wish to consider the candidates positions. Meeting and greeting Presidential hopefuls face-to face is not the concern. Being first is foremost in the minds of the masses.

I believe as long as we wish to push the primary date forward, here, and in other states, we will negate what makes American elections great. The progression is important. The general election is meant to follow many meaningful endeavors and events. Primaries are more than pomp and circumstances, or at least they once were.

In this world of quick fixes and immediate gratification, popularity, prominence, and power seem to have supplanted substance. I offer my thoughts on the topic. I invite any comments. An unhurried, thorough, and thoughtful conversation might benefit us all. Oh, were we to engage in such when choosing a candidate.
Democrats Vow To Skip Defiant States; Florida and Michigan Voters Lose.