Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Better Know...Florida Republicans

Inspired by GusWatch and The Putnam Report and my recent adventures at YearlyKos, we're now announcing the launch of a new network of WatchBlogs for the Republicans who are attempting to destroy Florida's future. GusWatch and The Putnam Report have agreed to be part of the network. We have created blogs for each of the other congressional Republicans from Florida, the cabinet, the Florida House and the Florida Senate. What we really need to make this work is volunteers. If you live in the district of one of these people, send me an e-mail at and I'll add you as a blogger to the relevant site. If you are outside a particular district, but are an interested party, you can also join up. Note that these sites are designed to watch the Republicans from a progressive viewpoint, so, if you aren't a progressive, then don't ask.

For now, each of these sites is a simple blogger site using blogger templates. If someone is interested in making them more than that (even just one of them), help is appreciated. Also, the names aren't set in stone at this point, they're open to be changed, as long as the change comes in the next week or so. Once the sites have been established for a while, then changes to the names would be counterproductive.

The purpose of these sites is to help get these people out of office and to replace them with more progressive candidates. These sites are all independent of any political campaigns and independent of any party. For now, they are all under the umbrella of FPC, but we wouldn't mind having them spin off to become independent blogs if the right people are involved. Okay, that's enough for now, here's the list:

US1 - The Jeff Miller Chronicle

US4 - Ander Alert

US5 - GinnyWire

US6 - The Case Against Cliff

US7 - MicaNotes

US8 - Kick Out Keller

US10 - The Bill Young Dispatch

US13 - The Buchanan Record

US14 - Mack Must Go

US15 - Watching Weldon

US18 - Eye on Ileana

US21 - The Lincoln Observer

US24 - Focus on Feeney

US25 - Say No to Mario

Senate - The Mel Martinez Bulletin

Florida Cabinet Watch

Florida House Watch

Florida Senate Watch