Monday, August 6, 2007

Blogging Florida Roundup

I'm back from Yearly Kos and slowly recuperating from a lack of sleep. I saw some Floridians while I was there like Ken Quinnell of the Florida Progressive Coalition, Larry from Miami-Dade Dems blog, Susan S and a cohort of her friends from the Tampa area, candidates Michael Calderin and Clint Curtis, and Tallahassee City Commissioner Andrew Gillum.

So, what's been going on here in Florida?

Speaking of Florida candidates, Michael Calderin was the special guest on Florida Progressive Radio yesterday.

Grassroots Brevard - Bob Allen: Fear of Black People Made Me Do It

Smashed Frog points out that the court records are public - Bob Allen Court Records Public

In case you thought Bob Allen is the only one who's getting all the attention, check out this post at the FPC: Watching the Right in Florida

Praxis has a couple posts on the Property Insurance debacle: Property Insurance and Insurance Rhetoric

And Finally, Talk to Me would like to introduce you to Mr. Gerry Mander

One final thought, Yearly Kos is changing the name of its convention to Netroots Nation. I'd like to see an even larger contingent from the Florida Netroots there in 2008.


Putnam Report said...

There's a new resource in South Central Florida to keep tabs on Republican Congressman Adam Putnam...

Introducing, The Putnam Report!

We just launched today, I hope you'll come check us out & leave a comment or mention us on your blog. We look forward to working with you and being a part of this online community.

Putnam Report said...

Also... I hope you had as much fun at YK as I did!

It was great putting names w/ faces at the Southern Caucus meeting.