Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogging Florida Round Up

Talk of the blogs ...

Sinfonian at Blast Off! writes: Broward County lets students count volunteer hours for political campaigns

Ray at Build Florida's DECs wrote: Let's focus on Republicans in County Commissions

Speaking of County Commissioners, Tampa Bay Blue has this: Ken Hagan, Hillsborough Commissioner, Wins 'Cheap Shot of the Week" for Puttinig Developers Ahead of the People's Business

Tampa Bay Blue also has a lovely "Photo of the Week" featuring Republican Sheri McInvale Indicted in Orlando

Gatordem at Florida Kossacks writes: Leaving Money on the Table and Kids Uninsured

Speaking of SCHIP, Eddie has this on Focus on Feeney: Sorry Tom, Your Excuses Are Bunk

Over at Florida Praxis vrej has an article called: Bright Futures: Florida's Most Popular Welfare Program

Clint Curtis, candidate for Congress in District 24, wrote a piece on Daily Kos called: Let's Kick a Republican to the Curb