Monday, July 16, 2007

Blogging Florida Roundup

What is the blogosphere writing about Florida?

Well, the news about Bob Allen (R) made quite a stir, so rather than rehash all the links here, I'll refer you to the Florida's Progressive Coalitions handy dandy summary of diaries instead:

Bob Allen Roundup

Bob Allen Roundup: The Sequel

Just for good measure, check out:

Non-Sexual Florida Republican Hypocrisy

Also check out:

davidkc's post on Daily Kos Florida going green, led by an "un-Bush" Repug

jpfdeuce's post on Daily Kos FL-HD 48 Zimmermann to run again

A new diary about the JJ Weekend by thefos: Obama - thefos and bobnbob's blog for change

Congrats to Tampabay Democrat, this piece was featured in a Google News alert: Edna Walters, GOP Donor to Commissioner Higginbotham, Gets Hillsborough Cty to Pay Her Bills: GOP Commissioner Blair Obeys Donor Davis